Tonsillectomy + Adenoidectomy , done in a child ( from London UK) aged 6 yrs ; patient , discharged satisfactorily from the hospital after 6 hrs. post-operative.

Case (from E.Africa) of ear pain (otalgia) , complaining since 8 months ; consulted many doctors at various hospitals; missed the diagnosis at all places , inspite of all sophisticated tests done, including MRI ; ultimately finally diagnosed at my Hospital ; his ear pain cause was his last lower Molar tooth ; its called "Reffered Otalgia" ; was sent for Dentist's opinion ; he is completely cured now after his tooth problem got corrected.

Mohamed Bharadia MPhil MEng (London)

When I brought my mum over from Kenya for her knee surgery, she also intimated that she wanted to address the loss of hearing in her right ear that led to our meeting and your diagnosis of her Otosclerosis condition, which we hadn't even heard of before. You examined her very thoroughly, performed her audiogram and explained clearly and succinctly the condition. Your kind and sympathetic approach to a new patient was exemplary and immediately we were reassured that we had come to the right place. You dissuaded us against a hearing aid and encouraged us to consider Stapedectomy, the micro surgery to remove the stapes bone and insert a prosthesis in the middle ear to restore hearing.

We were of course very apprehensive but you inspired us with immense confidence with your record in such operations to enable us to put such trust in you given the delicate nature of this surgery. We were worried about our return flight but again you calmed us down. The surgery went ahead a few days later and you operated on her with the result evident to her on the operating table! Like magic! You then went on to insert packing and bandage her ear and guided us throughout on the care instructions for natural healing. When I saw the < 3 mm size of the stapes it was truly incredible and brought home what this surgery entailed - only a person with tremor free hands could do this. I would have no hesitation to recommend you and your unique hospital to anyone in the world considering any specialist ear surgery.

With all my best wishes and kindest regards.

Bharatsinh Jhala
Burlington, ON Canada

I had been diagnosed with a Cholesteatoma in my left ear, and I was suffering nearly 8 years with intermittent discharge. I had a left tympanomastoidectomy done in Canada using canal wall up procedure, but it failed in 6 months and I was again suffering from discharge. This time my Canadian doctor advised for Canal wall down procedure but I wanted to do it in India instead of in Canada. I was searching of a good doctor in Gujarat and while searching on internet I found Dr. Suresh Balani. I have exchanged few e-mails with him stating my current ear condition. From the very first e-mail response that I got from him I gained the confidence on Dr. Balani. He assured me with his confidence which is the result of his wide experience of correcting thousands of failed surgeries, that I will be well taken care of. Dr. Balani also took time to talk to me over the phone and addressed all my concerns with great patience and provided all information, which was indeed helped me develop confidence and faith in this doctor.

Doctor performed three surgical procedures in my middle ear named Modified Radical Tympanomastoidectomy (MRM), Tympanoplasty and Cartilage Ossiculoplasty in one shot. During the surgery doctor used my own skin to create the tympanic membrane and my own cartilage to create bone and avoid the use of foreign material. Only few doctors operates in India using this method to correct Cholesteatoma. Here it shows how super-genius the doctor is! He also informed me that he has many such patients with no complain of discharge after the operation. And yes this doctor operates almost every day, and thus his rich and wide experience of surgery comes into first place to claim the expertise he has, and claim that he makes that of 99.9% success rate.

I SERIOUSLY, SINCERELY and STRONGLY recommend each and every Cholesteatoma patients to see Dr. Suresh Balani once before they make any decision. One visit is good enough to understand what level of correction in the disease you can get from this Doctor. After explaining your problem just listen to the doctors and you will see how deeply he understands your problems and expectations. I am more than sure that you won’t feel like going to any other place for the treatment and will end up being a good friend of this incredibly super-genius doctor. Once again I appreciate Dr. Suresh Balani for bringing smile back on my face, and I wish him good luck and may God bless him always!!


Heena Umesh Panchal, Rishabhdev, Dist. Udaipur (Rajasthan)

My Wife had discharging ear Since many years, we went across many ENT doctors, but we were not satisfied fully. Later on we came to know about Dr. Balani, through few of his patients, they were so strongly motivated & satisfied with Dr. Balani, which forced us to consult Dr. Balani.

Ultimately my wife got operated for (Tympanoplasty) by Dr. Balani, we both are fully satisfied & strongly recommend Dr. Balani for his excellent Set up and Satisfactory result.

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