One of the best and the largest private Ear Super-specialty Hospitals in India.

First of its kind in Gujarat and amongst very few centres in India.

Dr. Balani has done more than 10000 Ear surgeries.

Our Ear Surgery success rate is 99.999%. (World’s standard ENT books figures are around 92%)

Operated patients from across many corners of the globe, namely USA, UK, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia & S. Africa.

Know About Otosclerosis

What is Otosclerosis?
How do we hear?
What causes Otosclerosis?
What are the symptoms of Otosclerosis?
How is Otosclerosis diagnosed?
Genetics Factors and Natural History
How is Otosclerosis treated?
dr. suresh balani
Post Graduated from Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences & Medical Research centre Mumbai, truly world class and one of the finest medical centres of India.

Practicing at Ahmedabad (India) since the year 1992.
Super Expertised in the field of Diseases of the Ear, for which having an exclusive state of the art..more..
Mohamed Bharadia MPhil MEng (London)

When I brought my mum over from Kenya for her knee surgery, she also intimated that she wanted to address the loss of hearing in her right ear that led to our meeting and your diagnosis of her Otosclerosis.. read more